About Us

Oversee My IT, or OMI, was launched in 2007 by our president, Jack Skinner, to be an extension of our customers’ companies. Working with his highly-trained staff, he runs a technology-services shop based on recommending only work that’s necessary and the correct solution – not what makes us the most money.

When a nonprofit client moved into a new headquarters, we forged agreement with them up front on improving their technology before we did any work. By installing 25 workstations and doing an assessment for a server – which they’d never had before – we created infrastructure that top professionals needed to do their jobs. “It’s been a game changer,” the nonprofit’s executive director said.

With that client, as with all people we work with, we follow a code of ethics that seem lost or rare in today’s business culture. Most of our customers have been with us for years because we aim for excellence that exceeds expectations.

This is rooted in our culture of innovation. We regularly attend trade shows to stay on the leading edge of technology. Jack Skinner regularly receives alerts from the Federal Bureau of Investigation on the latest cyber threats.

Our company helps each business owner focus on their business while we keep their technology safe and in compliance. We feature a variety of managed IT services and HIPAA compliance services to ensure your operation continues to run smoothly, and effectively, all while remaining within regulations. In addition to our network security services, our certified techs can perform cybersecurity and IT security assessments to ensure your company is protected. Organizations of all sizes look to us to operate their computers, secure their data, guide them on how to follow rules and laws, and operate safely in the current security climate.

Beyond maintenance and repairs, we also provide business IT consulting services to cover specific questions like how tech can boost sales and cut costs. While based in Irving, TX, our team is proud to serve businesses throughout the Arlington, Frisco, Dallas, and Fort Worth, TX area. Contact us today to discuss your specific technology needs!

In health care, for instance, we show doctors and other professionals how to comply with laws such as HIPAA and HITECH in managing data about their patients.

We also guide law firms in adhering to regulations like the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and Europe’s GDPR.

For small businesses, we care for their mobile and computer network so they can run their companies.

In energy markets such as oil & gas, businesses need their tech to do more than lower costs. That’s where we come in.

For financial services firms from commercial banks to investment banks, we help them adopt advanced technologies while following the rules. That’s our bread and butter.

Shops that manufacture things turn to us to connect machinery to the Internet, build self-serve portals for their customers and adopt new technologies. We can help their distributors use their technology better to monitor demand, control costs and work better with customers and suppliers.